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Deposits/Compounding Balances
Jan-24-2017 01:42:34 PM
Hello Amazingpays investors, we have had some requests by members to allow them to make deposits using their earnings balance. This reason was cited because some members complained about the withdrawal and deposit fees associated with the payment processors.

Currently we only use PerfectMoney, Payeer and Bitcoin. Payza team has delayed and therefore we have considered to remove Payza completely.

Please note that, it is now allowed to make deposits using your earnings balances. That way you can mitigate the costs of withdrawal and deposits. This also means that you can compound within the system.

Welcome aboard.
Happy earnings.

Support Team
Day 12 - Amazingpays Limited Updates
Jan-19-2017 05:19:40 AM
Hello Amazingpays investors, we are glad to announce that we have been running successfully for 12 days straight without an issue. We currently have close to 19,000$ deposited, over 2600$ withdrawn and close to 400 investors.

Our support team is always on stand-by and monitoring all activities to ensure all our members have full satisfaction.

We are currently reviewing the advertising services of our contracted monitors and promoters. We may discontinue working with some of the monitors and bring in new ones. We receive over 200 offers everyday so there is a bunch of options for us. The reason is that some of the monitors do not post about our program in the various forums, blogs, Facebook and other platforms as have they advertised in their services. Therefore, we are only willing to work with people are actually working not those who get paid for nothing.

The second issue is regarding how some members find it difficult to follow the simple process of depositing with Bitcoin. We are working on a step-by-step instructions for such members.

Stay tuned. Happy earnings.

Support Team,
Referral Commissions Open All
Jan-9-2017 09:18:15 AM
Hello Amazing investors, please note that referral commissions are open to everyone. This mean you do not need to be an active depositor or investor to earn referral commissions.

All you have to do is register and share your referral links and earn commissions from your referrals.

Happy earnings.
Officially Launched
Jan-6-2017 01:24:08 PM
I would like to take this moment to welcome everyone to the Amazingpays Limited program. This program has been designed to last for a lifetime. Our goal is to create the next MerchantShares,

This is backed by real trading and investment activities that everyone stand to benefit from.

We wish you all a happy earnings. Our support team is always on standby to answer your questions and requests.

Official Launch
Jan-5-2017 01:58:07 PM
We welcome you all to the Amazingpays Limited investments program. Our official launch is in few hours and we look forward to an amazing journey with you.

Our Support team is open 24/7 to help answer all your requests, questions and any other matters.

Jan-5-2017 08:11:12 AM
We would like to bring to your notice that Payza has been fully integrated, however we await the final approval by the Payza officials to allow users who wish to use Payza processor or payment method for deposit to do so.

Stay tuned.

Support Team
Lauching Soon...
Jan-2-2017 03:59:16 PM
Welcome to the Amazingpays Limited. You are about to witness a very amazing online program where all your funds are secure and earnings and profits are guaranteed. This will be the next MerchantShares for many years to come. Feel free and feel safe. Our Support team is open 24/7 to take your questions, suggestions and other matters.
Launch date is yet to be determined.


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